Print the financial statements document

If you require a physical or digital copy of a financial statements, you can print the statement. The Print option converts the document to a PDF or PDF/A format which you can print or save.

To print a financial statement:

  1. Open a financial statement, then go to the Document Map.

    Rows and columns that will not be included in the printout display in gray. To learn more, see Change the display option for table rows and Edit table columns in the financial statements.

    Note: Empty or zero-balance rows and columns are automatically hidden in the print preview, the downloaded PDF and printed document.

  2. Select Settings () | Document Print Settings to review the print settings for the financial statement.

    If there are custom print settings for the notes area, page breaks or a document area:

  • Select Settings () | Notes Print Settings to review the notes area settings.

  • Select More actions () | Edit Print Settings to review the settings for a document area.

  • Select More actions () | Print Settings to review the settings for a page break.

  1. Select Print () | Print Preview at the Document Map to preview the PDF file.

    The print preview page opens in a new browser tab showing the PDF file open to the section of the financial statements you are currently viewing.

    Note: If a bulk print option is available, the drop-down at the Print icon () also displays the available documents groups.

  2. In the print preview page, you can:

    • Select Print Settings () to make changes in settings and view them

    • Select Print () to print the document or the downward arrow () to download the PDF

  3. Select Print () | Download PDF or Print () | Download PDF/A.

    If you have applied a watermark, this option will display as Download PDF (WMK) and Download PDF/A (WMK).

    Note: If there are text or field placeholders that have not been replaced, you get a warning once you select Print.