Send a query to clients (old query layout)

When your engagement requires additional information from the client, you can request this information by creating a query from within an engagement file. A query can be assigned to a client contact, where they receive a notification by email to respond.

You can create requests for various things:

  • Request for information - submit questions to the client.

  • Document request - ask the client to upload one or more files.

  • Send deliverables - send files to the client.

Create a query document

When your engagement tasks require information from your clients, you can create a Query to request information from your client.

To add a client request to the engagement file:

  1. From the top menu, select Documents.

  2. Select the Add Document icon (), then select Query.

    The Add Document drop-down menu.

  3. Select a query type, and enter a name.

  4. Note: Available query types will differ depending on your Smart Engagement product.

    Create bank query

  5. Select Create Query.

A blank query opens. You start adding content as necessary. If you created your query from a template, then you may only need to make minor changes.

Note: If you have created a blank query, or if you are making major changes to your document, see Modify questions in the client request for more information.

Send a query

Once you have reviewed the client request and made all necessary changes, you can send the document to your clients.

To send a client request:

  1. Open a client request.

  2. Select SEND.

  3. The Open Query dialog displays.

  4. Select a due date for the client response in the Query Due Date field.

  5. Select a client contact from the Assignees drop down list.

  6. You can select more than one contact or select the Assign to all contacts check box to send the request to all client contacts.

  7. Add a message in the Email Body text box to be included in the notification email.

  8. Select OK to send the client request.

A notification email is sent to the assigned contacts. Your client contacts can log in to Cloud and view the client request in the My Work section of the Overview page.

Client cloud interface - My Work section

View queries

To keep track of your progress and your client's progress, you can navigate to the Query Dashboard. The dashboard features a list of the visible client requests in the engagement file. It consists of the following columns:

  • Query- title of the client request.

  • Status- status of the client request. It can be one of the following:

  • You haven't sent the query to the client yet.
    You reopened the request to make modifications or request further information or clarifications.
    The client answered some queries in the request.
    You sent the request but the client hasn't responded yet.
    The client responded to all queries in the request.
    You canceled the client request.

  • Client progress- tracker of the client progress

    It shows the number of answered queries out of the total queries in the request.

  • Due date - due date for the client response

To view client requests in your engagement file:

  1. Open the engagement file.

  2. Select Queries from the top menu.

A list of the available client requests in the engagement file displays on the page. Select a column to sort the list by status, progress, due date, or alphabetically.

Note: A hidden client request does not show on the list.

To learn more, see Staff-Contact collaboration (old query layout).