Category that can mean one of several things depending on the context in Caseware Cloud:

  1. procedure groups. A section of the checklist document where you can add procedures. You can organize procedures by adding them to groups and subgroups. See also Add a group or subgroup.

  2. user groups. A collection of users that can be managed as a single category. Groups are used to organize users based on their roles, responsibilities, or any other criteria that suit your organization’s needs. See also Create staff of contact groups or any of the topics under Administration | Users and Groups on

  3. financial groups.

    1. Categories that are used to arrange accounts in the trial balance into a meaningful collection of information. Financial groups or groups can be based on the nature of the accounts: such as assets, liabilities, income, expenses, their function: such as cost of goods sold, administrative expenses, or any other criteria.

    2. Categories that are used to organize accounts for financial reporting.