Manage your MyCaseware profile

You can review and edit your MyCaseware profile information, including your email address, password location information and profile visibility.

To edit your profile:

  1. Select the User () icon | My Profile.

  2. In the Account section, you can

    • View and edit your email address

    • Select Change Password to update your password

  3. In the Location section, you can select your Language, Locale, and Time Zone.

  4. In the Profile section, you can select who can view your profile information. Select one of the following options for each part of your profile:

    • Restricted - Only employees at your firm can view your information

    • Members - Any users logged in to MyCaseware can view your information

    • Public - Anyone viewing MyCaseware pages that don’t require login can view your information

  5. Select Save.

You can also enable multi-factor authentication for your account. Select the Multi-Factor Authentication tab and then select Enable.