Change engagement glossary terms and dynamic-text

Note: You can only change an existing glossary term or a dynamic text output if this option is enabled in your product.

An engagement glossary contains terms. Terms are words and phrases that can be reused throughout the product. When a term is changed, it is changed everywhere the author defined.

Dynamic text fields change if certain conditions are met. For example, if the client responds 'Yes' to a procedure in a checklist, then 'Agreed' shows in the dynamic text field.

Your documents may contain terms from the glossary or dynamic text fields. Depending on your product, you may be able to override glossary terms and dynamic text outputs.

To change an engagement glossary term or a dynamic text output:

  1. Select the document's text area where you want to change.

    Areas highlighted in gray are either glossary terms or dynamic text fields.

  2. Select the glossary term or dynamic text to open the Data Link dialog.

    If you select a glossary term, you can select information () to see the number of places that term is used.

  3. Change the Output as desired and select Save.

When the Output condition is met, the text changes in all the places it's used in the engagement. If a different condition is met after the change, the Output changes to match the configured output text for that condition.