Print a visualization

When you view a visualization, you can customize the data to display to make the visualization presentable for printing.

To print a visualization:

  1. On the visualization, select Print Dashboard.

    A print preview displays.

  2. Select Configure to customize the page size, orientation and background color.

  3. Select Print.

    The Print dialog displays.

  4. Customize the print settings as required.

    Option Description


    Select a print method:

    • Local printer
    • Save as PDF
    • OneNote (Desktop)
    • Microsoft XPS Document Writer
    • Microsoft Print to PDF
    • Fax


    Specify which pages to print.


    Specify the orientation of the document (portrait or landscape).


    Specify the color of the document (full color or black and white).

    Paper size

    Specify the paper size.

    Pages per sheet

    Combine the specified number of pages onto a single sheet.


    Specify the margin size.


    Increase or decrease the size of the page content.


    • Headers and footers: Select to display or hide header or footer content on the page, including the visualization name, URL and time stamp.
    • Background graphics: Select to display or hide background graphics (displayed in the preview window). Enabling this option may increase ink consumption on local printers.

    Print using system dialog...

    Select the new window icon () to launch your computer’s default printing dialog.

  5. Select Print.