Customize fonts and headings

You can format the Fonts and Headings for deliverables such as letters, financial statements and worksheets to match the firm's style preferences and identity.

Note that these settings are also available for firm authors.

To start, select the Information icon () at the top menu, then choose Settings. Select Format | Fonts and Headings from the Product Settings dialog that opens.

Fonts and Headings Product Settings dialog.


Select the font for the text in your deliverables from the dropdown.


You can format headings and paragraphs.

To set the desired formatting options for headings and paragraphs:

  1. Select the desired color code from the drop-down. Two options are available:

    • Hex

    • RGB

  2. For paragraphs and each heading (Heading 1 to Heading 6):

    • Select the desired emphasis type (bold, italics or underlined text)

    • Set the desired font size

    • Set the desired text color.

      The default font size for each heading is as follows:

      • Heading 1 - 27pt

      • Heading 2 - 22.5pt

      • Heading 3 - 18pt

      • Heading 4 - 13.5pt

      • Heading 5 - 10.5pt

      • Heading 6 - 9pt

    • Set the desired text color.