Introducing Caseware DocuFlex - Market Release (v.2.1350.0)

Whether you’re performing an audit or offering various client advisory services, you can tailor Caseware DocuFlex to fit your engagement workflow and needs.

Design your workflows using the ability to create folders, financial groups and a variety of documents including checklists, letters and memos. The visibility settings feature allows you to construct intelligent workflows that ensure you only see the content you need.

If you are performing engagements that require financial statements, you can use the built-in financial statements that are integrated with the uniform financial grouping taxonomy and are fully customizable, or create your own.

Here are some key platform capabilities available to you in the Caseware DocuFlex market release.

  • Powerful data ingestion capabilities for effortless financial integration

    You can import data from various sources like Working Papers engagement files, Excel/CSV formats, as well as desktop and cloud-based Accounting Packages. Our integration capabilities simplify the process of importing data from other Caseware Cloud applications like OnPoint Audit or OnPoint DAS engagement files.

  • Effortless real-time collaboration to connect clients and staff

    Using our built-in query functionality, you can ensure smooth collaboration among team members and clients in real-time. Share and access data and documents securely to ensure collaboration

  • Low code, no code authoring capabilities

    Empower your organization with the low code and no code authoring tools by reducing dependence on IT or development teams. With Caseware Cloud, your team will have a toolkit to build out a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Risk and controls

    Depending on the type of engagement you are performing you can utilize the automated risk and controls functionality to effortlessly document risks and link them to any documented controls.