FAQ: Caseware Review & Compilation licensing plan change

This topic applies to Caseware ReviewCompTax.

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As of January 18, 2023, the Caseware Review & Compilation license purchasing plan will change from per engagement licensing to per user licensing. This change will automatically be applied during your upcoming Cloud license renewal. To learn more, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ):

New licensing plan

  • When will the new per user licensing plan for Review & Compilation come into effect?

    Effective January 18, 2023, you will no longer need to purchase packs of engagements for Review & Compilation. During your next renewal, you will be able to purchase Review & Compilation by number of users.

  • Can I continue to purchase licenses using the per engagement licensing plan?

    No, our licensing plan going forward will be on a per user license basis. Each licensed user will now have access to an unlimited number of engagements.

  • I do not require all of my staff members to access Review & Compilation, how does the new per user licensing plan affect me?

    On January 18, 2023, all existing Review & Compilation Cloud users will have unlimited access to Review & Compilation engagements, at no additional charge. The unlimited access for all users will cease at your renewal date, as you will automatically transition to the per user license plan. Four months before your renewal date, you will need to assign your staff members to Review & Compilation, so the correct number of Review & Compilation licenses will appear on your renewal.

    For more information, see Create staff or contact groups and Enable Caseware Cloud apps.

Existing engagements

  • I have unused engagement licenses for Review & Compilation, with the new per user licensing plan, what happens to them?

    On January 18, 2023 you will receive an unlimited number of Review & Compilation engagements for each existing Review & Compilation Cloud user. However, after your upcoming license renewal date, only licensed Review & Compilation users will have access to unlimited engagements.

  • Will I have access to my previous Review & Compilation engagement files after the licensing plan change?

    Yes. However, after your upcoming license renewal date, only licensed Review & Compilation users will have access to engagements.

  • If I choose to no longer use Review & Compilation but continue my Cloud license, can I access my previous engagement files?

    No, to access Review & Compilation engagements, you need an active Review & Compilation user license.


  • Do I need to have a PEG subscription to purchase Review & Compilation?

    Yes, you will need an active PEG subscription license to purchase Review & Compilation. Pursuant to the License Agreement between Caseware and CPA Canada, all Review & Compilation customers are required to be current subscribers of the PEG.

  • What types of engagements can I perform with Review & Compilation?

    You can perform Reviews (CSRE 2400), Compilations (CSRS 4200) and Professional accounting services engagements that provide workflow assistance for additional accounting services such as preparing financial statements from bookkeeping data, tax services and business plans.

    For more information, see What are professional accounting services?

  • Does Review & Compilation still support EFILE submissions for corporate tax returns?

    No, Review & Compilation no longer supports EFILE submissions. However, Review & Compilation includes GIFI tax forms Schedule 100 and 125 that you can export to your preferred tax vendor.

    For more information, see Tax deprecation FAQs.