Analytical overview

Content in this topic requires Caseware AnalyticsAI CAN.

Analytical overview includes a number of documents.

For example, the 2-1 Analytical overview document helps you to identify relationships, risks and inconsistencies. The analysis charts in this document are linked to data throughout the engagement to help you visually compare data and discover trends and patterns using predefined data analytics.

Use the drop-down to select Preliminary or Final results. Use the filter switches to display the desired analysis widgets. The widgets are interactive. Hover over a specific item in a graph to see more information.

To view the Analytical overview:

  • Select 2-1 Analytical overview from the Documents page.

AAI-analytical overview widget

You can also find a number of Analytical Overview documents related to:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities and equity
  • Income and expenses

To access these documents, click on the appropriate link on the Documents page.