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You can insert page breaks in your financial statement. You can use a page break to indicate that you plan to add content or to create blank space between two areas.

You can also add a page break inside a table in the document to better present the table's information. For example, you can insert a page break inside a table to have similar or related information show on the same page rather than being spread over two pages.

Note: You can't remove page breaks in the default content that comes with your product.

To add a page break in the document:

  1. Locate where you want to add your page break.

  2. Go to the left side and select the Add icon () to add new content.
  3. Choose Page Break from the list of content types.

To add a page break in tables:

  1. Wählen Sie die gewünschte Tabelle aus.

    Symbole für Tabellenoptionen werden rechts angezeigt.

  2. Select the More actions icon ().

  3. Choose Edit Dynamic Table from the list of actions.

    Die Tabellenoptionen im Bearbeitungsmodus.

  4. Locate where you want to add a page break.

  5. Select the Add () | Page Break at the left border of the table.

  6. Select SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE at the top of the page.