Import data from online accounting software

After you complete the import, you can reimport the trial balance data at any point in time by going to the Data page, and selecting Import, then one of the available options:

  • Reimport Trial Balance - Select this method to reimport the data with the original import method that you used. For example, if you previously used Xero to import the trial balance data, the Xero import method displays when you attempt a reimport.

  • Reimport from different source - Select this method to reimport the data with a different import method. For example, if you previously used Xero, but now want to import the trial balance data from a CSV file.

When you reimport the data, accounts from the new data are matched to the old data using the account name and number. Balances for matching accounts are overwritten with the new data. Accounts that only exist in the old data and not the new data are deleted.

Note: In engagement files created from carry forward, account balances from prior years are not overwritten or deleted by the new data from reimport.

To import data from online accounting software:

  1. From the Data page, select Import from: Online Accounting Software.

    The Data Source tab of the Import Transactions wizard displays.

  2. Select the Data Source you are using. This example uses Xero.
    You can select it directly, or type its name into the Search box to find it.

  3. Select Next.
    The Authenticate page displays. Note the checkmark on the Data Source tab at the top of the page, indicating that that page has been completed.
    Log in to Xero

  4. Select Connect. The login page for the software you chose displays. Enter your credentials and log in.
    The authentication experience will differ slightly depending on the software you are connecting to.

  5. Select Allow access. This step may vary slightly depending on the software you are connecting to.
    If there are multiple organization options, the Organization page displays, where you can select the appropriate organization to import data from. Notice that there are now checkmarks on the Authenticate and Organization tabs, and that Trial Balance and Transactions are preselected.

    Select organization

  6. Optionally, select Import all prior trial balance data (up to 5 years).

  7. Select Next. The Summary page displays.

  8. Select IMPORT. When the import is complete, checkmarks appear in the Trial Balance and Transactions rows. You can now close the Import Transactions wizard.

    Note: If you close the wizard while the data are being imported, the import will continue. When you return to the wizard, you'll be able to see the status of the import.

To view the imported financial data, go to your engagement's Data page.
Import completed