Perform fieldwork

Content in this topic requires Caseware ReviewComp.

You need to present and substantiate your analysis of the trial balance and any other applicable data sources in the Fieldwork phase. The documents that you need to complete in this phase and the way you want to present the financial statements depend on the responses you provide in the Fieldwork Optimiser.

This phase also consists of checklist documents (worksheets) that are designed to streamline specific areas of your engagement. For example, the 3-94 Worksheet - Sales tax helps you determine if the engagement data contains sufficient information to assess the reasonableness of GST/HST amounts receivable or payable.

Some of a Review engagement fieldwork tasks include:

Note: Ensure all the documents in this phase are sign off by the designated roles. To toggle the document signoff views, select More Actions () | Sign-offs.

  1. Complete the Fieldwork Optimiser
  2. Perform data analysis
  3. Review work programs
  4. Complete the applicable worksheets
  5. Evaluate the obtained evidence