Add external links

You have the option to add relevant external links to your organization's Cloud menu using the Links Management feature. These links can be made available to staff, contacts, or both. For example, you may want to provide links to your organization's public-facing websites.

To add external links to the Cloud menu:

  1. Ensure that you have the Settings Admin role or equivalent privileges.

  2. In the Cloud menu, select Settings.

  3. Go to Customization | Links Management.

  4. Select Add to open the Add Link dialog.

  5. Complete the fields as appropriate. Make sure you include the protocol (e.g. http://) in the URL field. You can only select a Position when you've already added at least one link. Select OK to add the link.

    The Add Link Dialog in Frim Settings | Links Management

After you have added links, the users you specified will be able to see the link by selecting Links from the Cloud menu.

The Links dialog seen when users select Links from the Cloud menu