Set up bulk print

At Print | Bulk Print, you can configure bulk printing for some documents, where they are grouped in one PDF document.

Note that this setting is also available for firm authors.

To start, select the Information icon () at the top menu, then choose Settings. The Product Settings dialog opens, where you can view and customize settings if needed.

To configure bulk print:

  1. Create a document group.

  2. Select +ADD DOCUMENT GROUP and specify a name for the group.

  3. Add documents to the group.

  4. Select +ADD DOCUMENT to choose the documents that you want to include in the group.

You can select and drag () to reorganize documents in the group. You can also select () to remove documents from the group or () to delete the group itself.

When the user attempts to print any of the documents in the group, a drop-down list displays at the print icon. The group name shows in the list as one of the print options.


Bulk print configured to include a query document and a letter. The group name Query and review letter displays in the print menu. If selected, the query document and the letter are combined into one PDF for printing.

Print drop down - Print all documents in group: Query and review letter

Note: Your firm staff also have the option to set up bulk print in the engagement file. To learn more, see Manage the engagement documents.