Review account analysis in the financial statements

Based on your product setup, the financial statements document may contain a visual presentation of your client's accounts information to help you perform high-level analyses and identify areas of the trial balance that you need to investigate.

Analysis in Financial Statements.

As you review the information, you can:

  • Choose which analyses figures to view using the Select Graph drop-down.

  • Tip: You can also close a figure () to have it removed from the display.

  • Use the Preliminary/Final switch () to view either the preliminary or final data in the figures.

  • Display the figure in a full size across the section select using the Full size icon ().

  • Select the Edit icon () in the figure's title bar, then select the Add icon () to add an item to the figure or select Remove () to remove an item from the figure.

    Note: The Add icon () is only available if one or more of the predefined items in the graph are not included by default. Otherwise, the Remove icon () is on only available.

  • Add comments or notes at the Edit documentation comments… text field.

  • Choose which table columns to view using the COLUMNS button.

  • Select the Reset to default icon () to reset the figure to its original state.