What's new - Caseware Accomplish (2.0.0)

For a demonstration of what's new, watch the video below (Accomplish features between the 03.41s – 04.02s timestamps).

Here's what's new for the Caseware Accomplish Spring 2021 release.

French-language capabilities

Users may choose to work in Accomplish in French, using all the same functionality that is in the English version. Log in to Caseware Cloud in French to switch the Accomplish interface to French.

The Accomplish interface in French.

Calendar enhancements

Date selection for jobs and reminders is easier throughout Accomplish, with the introduction of a new calendar. This calendar prominently displays relevant dates based on the column you move a job card into.

Relevant dates displayed in the Due Date calendar.


Accomplish’s filter capabilities have been enhanced with guidance on how filters relate to one another to ensure you only use filters that can be applied together. For example:

The Job Type filter cannot be used because the user has already made selections for the Engagement Type filter.