Data analytics workflow

Note: Ensure the imported transactions data include the mandatory fields for data analytics for this workflow to present data properly. To learn more see, Mandatory fields for data analytics.

The following is an example of a typical AnalyticsAI workflow.

  1. From the Documents page:

    1. Complete the 0-1 Client Inquiries (Query) document.

    2. Complete the 1-1 Data Reliability Checklist document.

    3. Select Upload Trial Balance to upload your trial balance.

    4. Select Upload Transactions. AnalyticsAI starts running tests in the background.

      Note: You must upload transactions before running risk analyses.

  2. Optionally, examine the Data Completeness page.

  3. Complete the Influencers document.

  4. Optionally, examine the Analytical Review page.

  5. From the Documents page, click on the 2-2 Risk Analysis (Transaction Risk) link to see AnalyticsAI test results.

  6. Adjust the Test configuration settings to choose which tests are run, or to change a test's emphasis.

  7. Export results for audit evidence.