What is Caseware Taxflow?

Note: Caseware Taxflow supports 2022 and 2023 tax exports for C-Corporations, S-Corporations and Partnerships for the following tax vendors:

  • CCH ProSystem fx® Tax

  • CCH Axcess™ Tax

  • Lacerte® Tax

  • GoSystem® Tax

Caseware Taxflow is a Caseware Cloud app that streamlines your tax work by allowing you to export your final tax balances to a third party tax vendor. Caseware Taxflow is a bridge tool that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in the OnPoint suite. As a tax practitioner, by incorporating Caseware Taxflow into your existing solutions, you’ll be able to perform tax specific work, record tax adjustments and review tax schedules with final tax balances.

Primary feature set for Caseware Taxflow

A number of feature sets help streamline your tax specific work by increasing automation and efficiency when preparing your final tax balances export. The following features allow you to easily create the export file you intend on importing into your third party tax vendor:

  • Trial balance imports are automatically assigned to predefined tax groups that can be modified, if required.

  • Ability to assign financial accounts to tax groups.

  • Ability to add, modify or delete tax groups that are specific to the engagement file.

  • Ability to record tax adjustments that automatically calculate the final tax balances:

    • Tax reclassifying adjustments.

    • Book-to-tax reconciliation adjustments.

  • Prepare and review tax schedules depending on your selected entity type.

  • Export final tax balances that can be imported into third party tax vendors.

Enable Caseware Taxflow

If you already purchased a license, be sure to enable Caseware Taxflow for staff so that they can access the app. For instructions, see Manage access for Caseware Cloud apps.

To learn more about app access and permissions, see Review the security settings for the All Staff group.