Customize rounding in the financial statements

If rounding is enabled in your product, you can customize the rounding settings used in the financial statements in the firm template or in an individual engagement file.

To customize rounding settings in the financial statements:

  1. In the financial statements, select Document settings () | Rounding.

    The Document Settings popup.

  2. In the Round to whole numbers field select whether to round to Ones, Thousands, Millions or Billions.

    The Rounding settings in the engagement settings dialog.

  3. In the Display decimal places field, select how many decimal places to display from the drop-down.

  4. Select the Show rounding information on description headings and Show rounding information on column headings check boxes to display rounding information in those headings in dynamic tables.

    You can also customize the terminology used in each type of heading.

  5. When you’re done customizing the settings, select Close.