Complete the engagement

This topic applies to OnPoint PCR.

What is OnPoint PCR?

Complete the relevant checklists and send the Representation letter

To finalize the engagement work, you need to review and finalize the reports that document your findings and present a conclusion, then send those reports to your clients.

Complete all available checklist documents, such as the Engagement completion checklist or the Reporting checklist.

Completion checklists help you determine whether sufficient evidence has been obtained to form a conclusion on the financial statements. In a Review engagement, you need to complete the 5-125 Review Engagement Completion, where you provide responses to questions about the procedures and engagement quality.

Completion checklists are typically prepared by the file reviewer and signed off by the partner or practitioner.

You also need to send the clients any relevant letters that you need them to review, sign and return. For example, if the 4-500 Representation Letter (Draft) is available in your engagement, you can review it and send it to your clients using the 4-500Q Representation Letter - Query to sign and return.

Lastly, use the 5-300Q Final Documents to send other documents, such as trial balance and financial statements, to the client.