Add the CloudBridge document to the Caseware Working Papers file

Content in this topic requires Caseware Working Papers.

Before you can export data from a Working Papers engagement to your Cloud engagement, you need to add the CloudBridge (CLBG) document to the Document Manager.

To add the CLBG document to Working Papers:

  1. Ensure your copy of Working Papers is integrated with your Cloud firm. To learn more, see Integrate Working Papers with Caseware Cloud.

  2. Ensure that you have installed CloudBridge.

  3. Open your client file in Working Papers.

  4. From the Document tab, click From Library | CloudBridge. The Document Library dialog displays.

    The Working Papers Document Library dialog displaying the CLBG document.

  5. Click CLBG and click Add.

The CLBG document displays in the Document Manager. You can now use the CLBG document to export your engagement data.