Respond to queries (old query layout)

As a contact, here's how to respond to the queries assigned to you by firm staff. Queries are indicated by the Query icon () in the My Work list.

To respond to a query:

  1. Once you provide your response to a question. select the Submit Response button to submit your response.

    The Submit Response button.

    Once you submit your response, the button changes to read Response Submitted.

    The Submit Response button changes to read Response submitted once you submit your response.

  2. Add a comment to the firm staff (Optional).

  3. For example, you can ask questions to request further clarifications or verify your understanding of the requested information.

    1. Go to the question where you want to add a comment.

    2. Enter your comment in the text field below the question.

      The Comment field.

    3. Select SEND or press the Enter key.

      If necessary, you can edit or delete your comment. Select More actions () and then Edit or Delete.

      Select Edit or Delete from the More Actions menu.

  4. Once you've responded to the entire list, a notification message displays with the MARK RESPONDED button. Select the button to notify the staff members that you have responded to the query.
  5. The MARK RESPONDED button in the notification message.

    Tip: If you miss the button at the notification, you can select the MARK RESPONDED button at the top.

    The MARK RESPONDED button at the top.