Perform fieldwork

Content in this topic requires OnPoint Audit.

In the Fieldwork phase of the audit engagement, you need to present your analysis of the trial balance and any other applicable data sources.

Complete the documents in the Fieldwork section of the Documents page.

Fieldwork documents are divided into four main folders:

  • Assets

  • Liability

  • Equity

  • Income Statement

Procedures tab:

Checklists completed from the Planning phase are reflected in the Fieldwork Procedures tab. Complete the checklist and sign off.

Note: To see all procedures in the checklist, select More Actions (...) | Hidden Items.

Analysis tab:

Accounts will automatically calculate on the form based on the information documented in the engagement file.

The Analysis tab contains graphs and tables.

Use the tables to:

  • Look for trends.
  • Compare and calculate ratios.
  • Investigate discrepancies.
  • Confirm expectations.

In the Analysis tab, you can:

  • Hide or display specific charts by selecting the toggles () at the top of the page.
  • Use the drop-downs at the top to switch the display between Adjusted balances and Unadjusted balances.
  • Enter comments or notes in the designated section in each chart or table.
  • Hover a graph or table to view a tooltip that shows what data the hovered row, bar or line represents.

Risk tab:

Any risk that was added throughout the engagement appears in the Risk tab. For more information, see Perform risk assessment.