What's new - Caseware PBC Winter 2021 Release (v2.45.0)

Here is what’s new in the Caseware PBC Winter 2021 release.

Documents page layout

The Documents page has been designed for a more efficient workflow, including left pane navigation and progress indicators by phase. Hovering over a phase displays progress details.

Staff-contact collaboration (queries)

Complete document and information requests within the app with its efficient and secure communication process. What’s more, queries have also been added for audit, preparation, compilation and review engagements.

Once client responses are accepted, documents and client responses are carried through into the relevant sections in the engagement files.

See Staff-Client collaboration workflow for more information.

Simple Electronic Signature

Simple electronic signature is enabled in Caseware PBC to allow for electronic signing of documents within the engagements. You can also view and download a signature log as a PDF document.

To learn more, see Review contact responses and Attach documents to an engagement file.


The following list features a brief description of the issues that have been resolved in this release.

  • When you add or modify the content of a procedure in a Checklist, the text cursor may become inactive while you are entering text or when you stop doing so.