Get started with Caseware Audit - Staff

Content in this topic requires Caseware Audit.

Note: Our Cloud Audit solution is currently in BETA.

Before you get started with Caseware Audit, ensure that your firm administrator completes the necessary prerequisites.

To start, sign in to your firm's Cloud site. As a staff member, the actions you can perform include:

  1. Start an engagement

  2. Plan the engagement

  3. Perform the acceptance and continuance

  4. Collect the initial information and documents from the client

  5. Import the client's data

  6. Complete the analytical procedures

  7. Understanding the entity

  8. Risks and estimates

  9. Process documentation

  10. Controls

  11. Materiality and risk assessment

  12. Overall audit strategy, team planning discussions and budget

  13. Audit planning letters

  14. Risk response

  15. Completion

  16. Lockdown