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With your client's data now populating your RCT engagement forms, you can begin the tax engagement work. Start by completing the Tax Preparer Profile document, which requires you to enter detailed information about your firm. Some fields will be automatically filled if your firm has completed its Cloud firm profile.

Because you completed the Tax Optimiser document, RCT will only list the documents that are relevant to your tax engagement. To see all forms available in RCT, select More Actions () | Hidden Items, or open the Tax Forms List document.

Your Optimiser selections determine which worksheets, if any, are added to the Documents list. Worksheets are documents designed to streamline your engagement work.

Navigate between documents

Caseware ReviewCompTax makes it easy to navigate between worksheets and their related schedules as you complete the return.

When you select a field that has a single source, the Field Override dialog opens. When you select Jump to Source, the source document opens and jumps directly to the appropriate line, with the source field highlighted.

Field Ovveride dialog.

In documents where an entire row of data is derived from one specific source document, you'll find the Viewer icon () to the right of the row. The Viewer opens the linked document in a pop-up display without opening a new browser window or tab. For example, each class listed in the S8 - Capital Class Allocation document is linked to its corresponding page from the CCA Worksheet.

Search tax forms and worksheets

The Search button in tax forms and worksheets launches the Search Tax Forms dialog which allows you to:

  • Search visible or hidden tax forms and worksheets on the Documents page of the engagement.

  • Display a list of all the tax forms and worksheets in the engagement (visible and hidden)

  • Open a tax form or a worksheet

  • Make one or more hidden tax form or worksheet visible on the Documents page. Once you enter data into that form or worksheet, it's included in the engagement.

Search button in tax forms.

To search tax forms and worksheets:

  1. Select the Search button in any tax form.

  2. The Search Tax Forms dialog opens.

  3. In the search field at the top, enter the name of the tax form or worksheet you want to find.

  4. A list of the matching results displays as you start typing.

    A green switch displays next to the visible forms in the list.

    A gray switch displays next to the hidden forms in the list.

    Tip: You can select Yes in the Display all tax forms option to display all tax forms and worksheets in the engagement (hidden and visible) in the dialog.

  5. To make a tax form or worksheet visible, select the gray switch next to it.

  6. The name of the tax form or worksheet displays in the Forms added to Document Manager list.

  7. To open a tax form or worksheet, select it.

  8. Once you're done, select Close.

Matching result results display once you start typing a keyword to search for a tax form. Select a tax form from the matching results to open it. Select the gray switch to make a tax form visible. Select Yes to display all tax forms (hidden and visible).