Get started with SherlockBI Builder

SherlockBI Builder is a data visualization tool that consumes Working Papers engagement data and presents it in dashboards. You can use these dashboards to gain insight into your clients' business.

SherlockBI Builder consists of three components:

  • Analyses are customizable templates for dashboards. You can share an analysis with other SherlockBI Builder users to collaborate on its development.

  • Dashboards are the read-only versions of analyses that you can share with clients.

  • Datasets contain the collective data that populates an analysis. The datasets in SherlockBI Builder are preloaded and cannot be modified. Datasets refresh daily.

Als u toegang heeft kunt u inloggen op uw Cloudomgeving. Voor personeelsleden zijn de volgende opties beschikbaar:

  1. Access SherlockBI Builder

  2. Create an analysis

  3. Publish a dashboard