File tax returns

Deze opties zijn beschikbaar in CaseWare Samenstel+.

CaseWare ReviewCompTax lets you file the completed return with the CRA. To do this, you must have the appropriate credentials already set up. Alternatively, you can export the return as a PDF file and then either share it electronically or print a hard copy.

File the tax return using EFILE

With the tax data imported, the engagement work complete, and all outstanding issues fixed, you can begin your electronic filing via the CRA's EFILE program. Select EFILE from the top menu to open the EFILE information page.

From this page, you can file your return to the CRA with one of two sets of credentials:

  • If your firm is a Certified Tax Preparer, you can enter your CRA Login Information.

  • Alternatively, you can enter a WACode (Web Access Code) provided by the client.

If you require a Web Access Code and have not yet been provided with one, select WAC - Web Access Code Online Request and complete the request form.

Let op: After you file your tax return using EFILE, the client reference copy will automatically download to your Documents page.

Print the return

If your client requests a copy of the return for their records, you can create a PDF file directly from CaseWare ReviewCompTax. This can be saved to disk and shared with your client electronically or printed as a hard copy. To learn more, see Print tax returns.

File an amended return

If you need to file an amended return, here is how you can do it.

To file an amended return:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the original return that you've already filed.

  2. Tip: To get a PDF copy of the return you've filed, select Information () | Download reference copy at the main navigation bar.

  3. At the Documents page, open the Tax Optimiser Checklist (TOC) document.

  4. Go to line 997 and respond Yes to the question Is the corporation filing an amended tax return?

  5. A link displays beneath your response prompting you to go to line 996.

    TOC question about amending returns at line 997.

  6. Select the Go to form line 996 link to open the L966 form.

  7. At line 996 , enter the reasons for the amendment in the designated text field.

    You can also include a summary of changes that you need to make and the filing date.

    L966 where you enter reasons for the amendment and additonal details about the changes.

  8. Make the necessary amendments in the respective forms or worksheets

  9. Tip: To locate forms and worksheets, see Search Tax forms and Worksheets.

  10. Go to the Diagnostics page and clear any existing blocker issues.

  11. Efile the amended return.