Create a private entity

When you add a new entity to Cloud, any staff members who have the system-wide Viewer, Editor, or Owner roles will be able to see it. If you would like to restrict access to certain entities, you can create a Limited entity.

A limited entity is only visible to Cloud admins and to the owner of the entity. That owner can also grant access to other users on a case-by-case basis.

Creating a private entity

You can create an entity in Cloud that is only visible to you, to Cloud admins, and to users you choose.

Your private entity is created and displayed on the Entities page.

The lock icon beside this client entity's name indicates that access to this entity is limited.

By making the entity limited, you have made the entity invisible to most users in your organization. By default, only users with the system-wide Admin role can see it.

When you are creating an entity, you can include the following information:

Section name Available fields
General Info

Country of registration, organization type, operating name, business number, phone numbers, and social media profiles.


A memo field to enter a short description or other general information about the entity.


Address information for the entity. A business address is included by default, and you can add more addresses by selecting the Create icon().


Status (active or inactive), year end month, dates of incorporation and dissolution, exchange name, trading symbol, reporting framework.

Tijdsregistratie en Facturatie Tax registration numbers or exemption numbers.

Client acceptance date, referral information.

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Sharing a private entity

If you are the owner of a private entity, you can grant other Cloud users access to the entity.

You have shared a private entity. Any staff members or contacts who were granted access can see the entity. They are also able to view and edit all content under the entity based on the roles assigned to them.

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