Automate time entries using your calendar

As a manager or a staff member, you want to ensure that your time entries are as accurate as possible for both your own records and your client invoices. One way to ensure this accuracy and avoid clerical errors (if manually entering data) is to automatically create them based on events in your calendar.

When integrated with Google Calendar or Office 365, Cloud can automatically generate pending entries based on events in your calendar. Pending entries are time entries that must be assigned a work code and reviewed before they are counted as billable or non-billable time.

To use this feature, ensure that it has been enabled by an administrator, and that either your Google account or your Office 365 account is integrated with your Cloud account. Voor meer informatie, zie Personalisering (Instellingen) en Hulpprogramma's koppelen aan Cloud.

Cloud will now generate pending entries automatically based on events in your calendar. After integrating your calendar, be aware of the following:

  • Pending entries can take up to one hour to generate after an event ends.

  • Any calendar events from the two days before integration will generate pending entries. For example, if you integrate your calendar on May 20th, any calendar events from May 18th and May 19th will generate pending entries.

  • Modifying a calendar event will not change the associated pending entry after the pending entry is created.

Pending entries must be finalized before they can be recorded as billable or non-billable time. To learn more, see View and finalize pending entries.

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