Report the engagement status to others

Sending notification of the new status change

You can email activities and discussion to inform reviewers or managers on any task status change or an important discussion. You can also email activities to a recipient or group of recipients.

An email notification with the activity link is sent to recipients.

If you would like to include a link to an existing drafted email, you can obtain a direct link to any discussion, tasks, and file requests in the form of a URL.

Changing workflow stages

Workflows help you organize your content in Cloud. With a workflow applied, your staff, contacts, entities, and files are assigned a stage in an effort to create "flows". See Customizing workflows for more information.

Once a stage has passed in the engagement, you will need to update the workflow stage to ensure all staff are aware of the status of the engagement. You can also add workflow stages to uploaded files, Google files, entities, and staff. For example, when you upload a file, you might want to add a retention stage so that you can keep track of documents that will be deleted.

Changing Tasks Status

Once you have completed open tasks, it is a good habit to update the status of the task.

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