What's new - CaseWare Audit Winter 2020 (v2.967.0)

Here is a listing of what's new for the CaseWare Audit Winter 2020 release.

Consolidation enabled

Use consolidation to combine several entities into one engagement file (the parent company) to publish consolidated financial statements.

See Create a consolidation engagement for more information.

Financial groups mapping added to optimiser

Certain account groups are now not visible by default on the Data page, for example, Farming related groups.

With this release, you can select distinct groups that may be applicable to your engagement from the Mapping procedure in the Planning Optimiser.

When you select a mapping group from the procedure, financial groups associated with that industry become visible in the Data page.

Simple Electronic Signature

To support scenarios where clients are required to sign documents or accept certain terms during the engagement, Simple Electronic Signature is now available in queries.

Simple Electronic Signature provides a paperless, secure and more efficient method for signing documents. Once you send the query to clients, they can sign the document or agree to terms with a single tap or button click.

Once clients accept the document, a signature log is generated and available for download. The log includes the following information:

  • Query question details

  • Signer name and email

  • Signer location (if the clients have chosen to enable location access)

  • Signer IP Address

  • Signature date

  • Document name

  • Document MD5 hash

Dynamic reassignment

Instead of showing a credit balance on the asset side of the Data page, or a debit balance on the liability side, our "flips" function automatically moves the corresponding amount to the appropriate section. You can override this on the Data page or reverse the override as required.

Notes library updated

The content of the Notes library has been updated with new content. This update includes tailoring procedures to help users include or exclude these notes in Financial Statements.

Checklist sign-off warning

Now, if you attempt to sign-off on a document that has procedures that are not signed-off, a warning appears.

General Improvements

The following general improvements have been added for this release.

Increased file upload size limit

You can now upload up to 500MB files to the engagement. Note that this size limit is per file.

Rearranging documents in bulk print

You can now drag-and-drop documents in the bulk print set to rearrange them, so they print in the order you desire.

Note that you can only rearrange documents in groups you define, not in groups predefined by the firm authors or primary authors.

To learn more, see Set up bulk print.

Expand all / collapse all in checklists

You can now expand or collapse all procedure groups in a checklist document. A new Expand All () / Collapse All icon () is available so you can easily and quickly scan the document.

New query layout in the engagement archive

The engagement reference copy output now displays the new query layout.


If signoff is enabled for procedures and conclusion, a warning message now displays if users attempt to sign off on the document while:

  • One or more visible procedures have not been signed off

  • The Conclusion section has not been signed off

  • Visible procedures in the Conclusion section have not been signed off

Risks module

Risk assessments can now be carried forward.


The logic for preparer and reviewer signoff has been enhanced. Users can now only remove their own signoffs.

A user that has been granted one or more administrator security roles can remove signoffs by other users.

Administrator security roles in CaseWare Cloud are:

  • Admin

  • Settings Admin

  • Staff Admin

  • Entities Admin

To learn more, see Assign system wide security roles.

Usability improvements

  • Better instructions have been added throughout the product to where built-in features may assist in completing your engagement

  • Better risk creation instructions and prompts have been added

  • Meals and entertainment grouping structure updated