Cloud icons

There are various icons used in CaseWare Cloud to identify settings and preferences.

Icon Description
Lock icon Content is limited to specific users.
Staff icon Person is a staff member.
Contacts icon Person is a contact, or an item shared with contacts.
Client entity icon

Entity type color. The default colors are:

  • Client entity icon - Client entities
  • Internal entity icon - Internal entities
  • Other entity icon - Other entities

Unread comment icon

Read comment icon

Indicates if comments were made on an activity:

  • Unread comment icon - Unread comments made on activity.
  • Read comment icon - Read comments made on activity.

Subscribe icon

Unsubscribe icon

Indicates if you are subscribed to content:

  • Subscribe icon - You are subscribed to the content and receiving notifications when it is updated.
  • Unsubscribe icon - You are not subscribed to the content and do not receive notifications when it is updated.
System activity icon A system activity.
Task icon A task.
Discussion icon A discussion.
File request icon A file request.
msg files icon

.msg files or files with of an uncommon type.

Note: When a .msg file is opened a new tab will pop-up displaying the message.

txt file icon
Text file (.txt).
attach icon Attach a file.
Analytics icon Analytics object.
URL icon Retrieves the item's URL link.
Word file icon Word file (.doc, .docx).
excel file icon Excel file (.xls, .xlsx).
PDF file icon PDF file (.pdf).
Google doc icon Google Document.
Google sheet icon Google Spreadsheet.
Google presentation icon Google Presentation.
Google drawing icon Google Drawing.
OneDrive Word icon
OneDrive Word.
OneDrive Excel icon OneDrive Excel.
OneDrive PowerPoint icon OneDrive PowerPoint.
SharePoint Word icon SharePoint Word.
SharePoint Excel icon SharePoint Excel.
SharePoint PowerPoint icon SharePoint PowerPoint.
Compressed WP file icon Compressed Working Papers file (.ac_).
Fileless bundle icon File-free bundle.
SmartSync file icon Working Papers SmartSync file (.ac).

Entities icon

Association group icon

Association ungrouped icon

Indicates the view enabled:

  • Entities icon - All Entities view displays activities and files for all entities.
  • Association group icon - Consolidated view displays activities and files for all entities within the association.
  • Association ungrouped icon - Single entity view only displays activities and files for the specified entity within the association.

Summary totals icon

Toggles the visibility of Summary Totals in the Time app.

Calendar icon

Opens the calendar to select a date.

Holiday icon

Indicates the time entry occurs on a holiday.

Image attached icon

Indicates if an image is attached to the expense entry.

  • No image attached icon- No image attached.
  • Image attached icon - An image is attached.

no note icon

entry note icon

Indicates if a note description has been entered to the time or expense entry.

  • no note icon - Entry does not have a note.
  • entry note icon - Entry has a note.

reload icon

Reloads the interface.

filter button icon

Applies filters to narrow the displayed content when searching for a person, an activity, a file, or an entity.
pending entry icon

Pending time entry.

When Automatic Time Entries are enabled, calendar events from your integrated calender are converted into pending time entries.

Unbilled entry icon

billed entry icon

non-billable entry icon

Status of time or expense entries:

  • Unbilled entry icon - Unbilled entry.
  • billed entry icon - Billed entry.
  • non-billable entry icon - Non-billable entry.

delete entry icon

Deletes an entry in the Time or Expense app.