Create an analysis

You can create an analysis for each dataset and customize how you want to present the engagement data in the dashboard.

To create an analysis:

  1. Select the Analyses tab.

    A list of existing analyses displays.

  2. Select New analysis.

    The Sherlock BI Builder interface with the New analyses button highlighted.

  3. Select the applicable dataset for the analysis.

  4. Select Create analysis.

    The dataset confirmation dialog with the Create analysis button highlighted.

  5. Customize the analysis.

    To learn more, see Working with Analyses and the related subtopics.

    The interface for designing an analysis.

  6. If you want to collaborate on the analysis with other SherlockBI Builder users in your firm, select Share () | Share analysis.

    The Share Analysis dialog displays.

  7. Enter each user's email and select Share.

    The Share analysis dialog with the Share field and Share button highlighted.