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Pre-Validation is a CRA-integrated service that is available in the EFILE page. It identifies inconsistencies between the tax preparer's records and the CRA's records early on in the engagement to help reduce the number of submitted returns that contain errors

To pre-validate:

  1. Go to the EFILE page.

  2. Enter your CRA credentials.

  3. Select the Pre-Validate button.

  4. Select Yes in the confirmation dialog.

  5. You can select the Pre-Validate Worksheet link to navigate to the Pre-Validate Workchart, where you can view the data that will be sent to the CRA for before you continue with pre-validation.

Confirmation dialog for pre-validation.

If the pre-validation is successful, a message displays the success.

Successful pre-validation.

If the pre-validation fails, an error message displays.

Error message for a failed pre-validation attempt.

Select Close to close the error message and go to the Diagnostics page, where you can view a summary of the errors that caused the prevalidation failure and navigate to the location of the error to correct it. To learn more, see Correct errors in your return.

Note that the Last transmission results section in the Pre-Validate Workchart displays a record of pre-validation attempts. In case of a failed attempt, you can select the description in the Errors column to go to the page where the error is located and correct it.

Once you've corrected all errors, you select the Pre-Validate button in the workchart to re-attempt the pre-validation.

 Prevalidation attempt record in the Pre-Validate Workchart. Note that the description in the Errors column links you to the page where the error is located. The Pre-Validate button is available so you can re-attempt the prevalidation.