Publish a dashboard

Once you finalize an analysis, publish it to a dashboard to share with other staff members and clients. Note that they can only view the dashboard — they cannot modify it.

To publish a dashboard:

  1. Select the Analyses tab.

    A list of existing analyses displays.

  2. Select the analysis that you want to publish to a dashboard.

  3. Select Share () | Publish dashboard.

    The Publish a dashboard dialog with the Publish dashboard button highlighted.

  4. In the Publish a dashboard dialog, select:
    • Publish new dashboard as to create a new dashboard. Enter a title for the new dashboard in the field.

    • Replace an existing dashboard to overwrite a dashboard while maintaining existing share settings. Select the dashboard to replace from the drop-down menu.

  5. If required, apply any additional options from the Advanced publish options expandable menu.

    To learn more, see Publishing a Dashboard.

  6. Select Publish dashboard.

    The Share dashboard dialog displays.

  7. If you want to collaborate on the dashboard with other SherlockBI Builder users in your firm, enter each user's email and select Share.

    Note: Do not use the Share with everyone in this account option. It does not function correctly with SherlockBI Builder.

    The Share dashboard dialog with the Share field and Share button highlighted.