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This topic applies to Caseware PBC Requests.

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You can also view an overall status of your queries using the Query Dashboard. The dashboard features a list of the visible queries in the engagement file. It consists of the following columns:

  • Query document - title of the query.

  • Status - status of the query. Available options are:

    You haven't sent the query to the contacts yet.
    You reopened the query to make modifications or request further information or clarifications.
    Contacts responded to all questions in the query.
    You have sent the query to contacts and they haven't responded yet.
    You've marked the query as completed.
    You canceled the query.

  • Progress - tracker of the contacts progress. It shows the number of answered questions out of the total questions in the request.

  • Due date - shows the query due date.

  • Contacts - displays the number of assigned contacts to each query document in the dashboard. You can also select a number to display a popup showing contact details. The popup also includes the Add contacts button which allows you to create a contact, if needed.

To access the Query Dashboard, go to the Queries page.

Query dashboard.