Create an engagement team

When you are preparing to work on a new engagement, mid- and large-sized organizations may need to create an engagement team. As a partner, you will need to review your staff members’ workloads and assign team members who will have time available to work on the engagement.

Checking staff workload

If you use tasks in Cloud to manage your staff’s activities, you can review the tasks that are currently open to identify which staff members you can assign to the new engagement team.

To view tasks assigned to staff:

  1. Ensure that you have the Entities Admin role or equivalent privileges.

  2. From the Cloud menu, select Activities.

  3. Select the Activities menu, then select Tasks.

    The Activities menu with Tasks highlighted.


  4. Select the filter icon (), and then choose Status | Open to view open tasks only.

Here, you can review the list of open tasks for your different staff members. This will help you determine which staff members are available to work on your new engagement.

Creating an engagement team

Once you have identified the staff members who you will be assigning to your engagement team, you can create a new group in Cloud for this team.

To create a new group:

  1. Ensure that you have the Staff Admin role or equivalent privileges.

  2. From the Cloud Menu, select Groups.

  3. Select New, then choose Staff Group or Contacts Group. The New Group dialog opens.

    The Add Staff Group dialog

  4. Enter a Name and Description for your group.

  5. From the sidebar, select Members. Choose the users you want to add to this group.

  6. If you have the Admin role or equivalent permissions, you can also assign System-Wide Roles. To learn more, see Built-in roles.

  7. Select Save.

You have successfully created a Cloud group for your engagement team.

Assigning the engagement team to a workspace

Now that you have created your engagement team, you can assign the team to the relevant client workspace where you will be publishing your engagement. You will assign the group for your engagement team to the client entity.

To grant access to an entity:

  1. Ensure that you have the Owner role or the equivalent privileges for the entity.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Entities.

  3. Select the entity you want to grant access to, then select Share ().

    The Share icon displayed on the Entities page.

  4. Search for the groups, staff members you want to grant access to, then select Assign Roles to (#).

  5. Choose the appropriate staff role.

    Roles that users already have due to previous settings appear under Inherited.

  6. Select a role to grant it to your user or group.

  7. Select Share.

All of the members of your engagement team now have access for the client entity for this new engagement. Based on the role you chose, the team members will be able to view and work with the files and activities in this client workspace. For more information about creating an engagement file, see Create a Cloud engagement using Working Papers.

Now that the engagement team is set up, you can start to prepare the content for your engagement by publishing or uploading client files.