Link a query question to a checklist procedure

You can link a query question to a related procedure in a checklist to complete the checklist document.

For example, if there is a procedure in a checklist related to your client's business that you won't have an optimal answer to and it's better you request that information from the client, you can link the question to the related procedure in the checklist document. Once you collect the required information from the client, you can add the response in the checklist. To learn more, see View client responses related to checklist procedures.

Note: If the linked query question is hidden in the query document, its responses do not display in the checklist document.

To link a query to a checklist:

  1. Select More Actions (), then choose Link to Checklist.

  2. In the Link to Checklist dialog, select a checklist document in the engagement file, then select the corresponding procedure from that checklist.

    Selecting a checklist procedeure to link to this query procedure.

  3. Select Save.

You can see the client response in the relevant checklist after staff have accepted it. If the client uploads a file as part of the response, the file displays as a link so you can access it directly from the checklist.

The linked question and the contact's response are displayed beneath the corresponding checklist procedure.