Reporting bugs

While using CaseWare Internal Audit you may encounter things that aren't working as expected. This is normal for new software and we ask that you report these to us as soon as possible at Upon contacting us, we will ask you for more details so that we can prioritize the fix.

When reporting the defect please provide the following information:

  1. Identify what the problem is and what you were doing prior to experiencing the defect.
  2. What you expected to happen and the area where the issue occurs.
  3. What the defect is impacting.

The following rating criteria is used to prioritize the fix:

Rating Description Examples
Critical This is when there are showstoppers or blockers that stop you from working with no workaround. Software or major features can't be used. This could be from the loss or corruption of data. Or, the application is inoperable or a bug causes a crash.
High This is when there are interruptions to your workflow and strongly impacts your usability of the software. Functions can still be performed but are degraded to a high extent. Here, you may or may not have a workaround. The workaround involves many complicated indirect steps. Functionality incorrectly implemented or validations are missing for mandatory fields.
Medium This is when features are behaving unexpectedly but the impact is negligible as the defect is related to non-critical features. The defect reduces the effectiveness, shows strange or undesirable behavior but the application is still functional. This could be a display problem that stops a user from doing something non-critical. Or it could be not being able to click on an element that can be accessible in another way.
Low This is when there is no effect on the data and functioning of the system. It only relates to the look and feel of the application, and does not reduce the efficiency or productivity. This could be the layout, or color discrepancies or spelling and grammatical errors.

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