Complete the engagement set up procedures

This topic applies to OnPoint PCR.

What is OnPoint PCR?

Most of the engagement work in OnPoint PCR is completed via checklists. To set up your engagement, complete the 1-100 Engagement set up checklist.

The 1-100 Engagement set up checklist consists of a set of questions designed to determine the scope and nature of your engagement.

As you answer questions in a checklist, additional documents populate in the Documents page. Only documents that you need are available, while other documents remain hidden. A link to the document that you need to complete next also populates as you respond to questions.

For example, if you've specified that the engagement type is Review, then the 1-125 Review Engagement Quality Acceptance and Conclusion document is available in the Documents page for the Client Acceptance and Continuance folder. To learn more about checklist documents, see Complete a checklist.

Engagement set up.