Tracking management action plans

The Management Action Plan (MAP) page is where you can view the status and details of all of the action plans that management has provided to address internal audit findings once a project is finalized.

To get to the Action Plans, hove over the navigation bar on the left and select Action Plans () icon.

Navigate to management action plans

The Action Plans are shown in a list and can be organized by selecting the headings in the table.

Reorganize action plans through headings

Updating a plan

Select a row to find details about the project, findings and the original due date.

To update an action plan, select UPDATE.

Update an action plan

Note: If an update hasn't been created, select CREATE UPDATE.

To update an action plan that is on track:

  1. Select the On Track status.
  2. Adjust the Percent Complete as required.
  3. Change Owner and add Supporting Notes as applicable.
  4. Select UPDATE.

Update an action plan continued

View the History at the bottom of the page to see the previous updates to the action plan.

Select the arrow icon () to see details of the previous updates.

Overdue plan

You can readjust action plans by updating due dates. Select the overdue date, then select UPDATE.

Overdue action plan

Note: The overdue action plan is red with and exclamation mark () icon.

Adjust overdue action plans when management is unable to meet the current due date to reflect a more realistic timeline.

To readjust an overdue action plan:

  1. Select the Delayed status.
  2. Adjust the Percent Complete as required.
  3. Update the additional Revised Date field with Supporting Notes to explain the revision.
  4. Select UPDATE.

Overdue action plan update

Note: Supporting Notes are required.

The due date reflects the revised date.

Overdue action plan update continued

Note: The icon next to the due date () shows that the plan has been modified from the original due date.

Scroll down to see the previous History.

Close an action plan

To close an action plan, cancel it or complete it.

Cancel an action plan

Note: The toggle shows open action plans only.

Select the plan you want to close, then select UPDATE.

To cancel an action plan:

  1. Select the Cancelled status.
  2. Adjust the Percent Complete as required.
  3. Replace the current action plan with another management action plan (optional).
  4. Provide all of the MAP information required.
  5. Add Supporting Notes.
  6. Select NEXT.

Cancelling an action plan flyout

Cancel action plan flyout continued

Once you cancel an action plan, it will be closed with a status of cancelled and can no longer be edited.

Go back to the list of action plans and deselect the Show open action plans only toggle to see the cancelled action plan.

Disable toggle to see cancelled action plan

Select the cancelled action plan.

If a Replacement Action Plan was provided when cancelling, the new plan is linked.

Select the new Replacement Action Plan.

Linked replacement action plan

Note: The original plan is linked in the Details.

Linked replacement action plan continued

To complete an action plan:

  1. Select the Complete status.
  2. Update the additional Complete Date field.
  3. Add Supporting Notes and Supporting Documentation.
  4. Select UPDATE.

Complete finding

Note: The Percent Complete automatically adjusts to 100%.

Go back to the list of action plans and deselect the Show open action plans only toggle to see the completed action plan.

Complete action plan in table

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