Envision provides a quick visualization of the transaction data that's been imported into AnalyticsAI.

Transaction data must be imported using standard Caseware Cloud imports, including imports from:

Envision is divided into several widgets:

  • Overview
  • Summary
  • Distribution
  • Posted Date Distribution

Note: Ensure the imported transactions data include the mandatory fields for Envision diagrams to display data and function properly. To learn more see, Mandatory fields for Envision.

CaseWare Envision

Overview and Summary

The Overview and Summary widgets provide some basic transaction information.

Overview widget

Envision overview widget

Summary widget

Envision summary widget


Use the Distribution widget to see the distribution of entries by either:

  • Document Type

  • Entered By

Use the sliders in a graph's selection area to adjust the graph's display area.

Distribution slider

Posted Date Distribution

Use the Posted Date Distribution widget to examine debit amounts and entry counts by the date they were posted.

Use the sliders in the graph selection area to adjust the graph's display area.

Posted date distribution widget