Move engagement files across client entities

If you create an engagement file in the wrong entity, you can use activities to move the engagement file to the correct entity. You can create a discussion in the initial entity and attach the engagement file. When you move the discussion to the correct entity, the engagement is also moved.

Note that you cannot move the engagement directly. Engagements must be attached to discussions in order to move them across entities.

Note: Some entity properties, such as the client name and logo, are synchronized with engagement files. We recommend that you either complete and lockdown the engagement before moving it or review the engagement after you move it to ensure there are no issues.

To move an engagement file to a different entity:

  1. Ensure that you have the Editor role or equivalent rights.

  2. Select the entity that the engagement file is currently in using the entity drop-down.

  3. From the Cloud menu (), select Activities.

  4. Select New, then choose Discussion.

    Select New | Discussion to open the Create Discussion dialog.

  5. In the Create Discussion dialog, enter a subject and the content of your message.

  6. Select the paperclip icon () to attach a file.

  7. Select Existing.

    Select Existing then select the engagement file.

  8. Select the engagement file, then select OK.

  9. Select Post.

  10. Select More actions () | Move to Entity.

    Select Move to Entity from the More Actions menu.

  11. Select Yes in the confirmation dialog

  12. Select the correct entity, then select OK.

The discussion and the engagement file are moved to the entity you selected. If the engagement is not locked down, ensure you review the file to confirm that any entity properties synced with the engagement file are correct.