Get started with Caseware Cloud

To start, sign in to your firm's Cloud site. As a firm administrator, you'll need to complete the following tasks before your staff can get started:

  1. Grant staff access to Caseware Cloud. To learn more, see Create staff, Manage access for Caseware Cloud apps and Built in roles.

  2. Create an entity. An entity represents your client's organization.

  3. Create accounts for client contacts and assign them the necessary access rights.

  4. Enable and set up additional Caseware Suite apps.

  5. Integrate Working Papers with Caseware Cloud (optional).

Get started as a staff member

To start, sign in to your firm's Cloud site. As a staff member, the actions you can perform include:

  1. Change personal preferences

  2. Upload files to an entity

  3. Assign tasks to other staff members

  4. Post discussions

  5. Send file requests to clients

  6. View the overall engagement status

Get started as a contact

As a contact, you can perform various actions depending on your assigned role. Contacts with the necessary access rights can:

To start, complete the following:

  1. Sign in to the firm's site and activate your account.

  2. Login credentials and information is available in the email you receive from the accounting firm notifying you of your new account.

  3. Access your assigned queries.

  4. Once the accounting firm assigns you a request for information and documents, you'll receive another email notification.

    Email notification once you;re assigned a query.

    You can open the assigned query using one of the following methods:

    • In the notification email, select View Details.

    • Log in to the firm site, then select the assigned query from the My Work list.

      Note: The My Work list displays your assigned queries. If you have been assigned more than one query, they will be available in the My Work list.

  5. Respond to the inquiries and document requests in the query.