Perform a Caseware RCT tax engagement

This topic applies to Caseware ReviewCompTax.

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Caseware ReviewCompTax (CW RCT) lets you perform a complete corporate tax return directly from Caseware Cloud. In addition to all standard federal and provincial forms, CW RCT contains worksheets specifically designed to streamline the process of completing the return. CW RCT is designed and developed in partnership with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to ensure compliance, and links up with the CRA's Auto-fill service to import up to five prior years' tax data. When you've completed the return, you can access the CRA's EFILE service from the RCT interface, or you can print a hard copy for the client to review and file themselves.

Caseware RCT is also certified for the preparation of corporate tax. To learn more, see Corporate tax certification updates.

How to perform a Tax engagement in Caseware RCT? Let's take a look at a generic Tax engagement workflow.

  1. Start the Tax engagement

  2. Complete the Tax Optimiser Checklist

  3. Pre-Validate

  4. Import the client's tax data

  5. Complete the tax forms

  6. Transfer note disclosures to tax forms

  7. Correct errors in tax returns

  8. File tax returns

  9. Print tax returns