What's new - CaseWare PBC Requests Fall/Winter 2021 (v2.325.0)

For a demonstration of what's new, watch the video below (PBC features between the 00.56s - 01.41s timestamps).

Here is a listing of what's new for the CaseWare PBC Requests Fall/Winter 2021 release.

General formatting enhancements

A comprehensive review of PBC Requests has been performed in this release. Minor formatting updates have been made to phase names, folder names and guidance information for consistency purposes.

Note: The What’s New video located at the top of this page includes a demonstration of some enhancements that were included in the CaseWare PBC Requests Fall 2021 release. For more information, see the features listed below.

Simple Electronic Signature in queries

To support scenarios where clients are required to sign documents or accept certain terms during the engagement, a new response type Simple Electronic Signature is now available in queries.

Note: You can also use Simple Electronic Signature in query documents from Working Papers engagements. To learn more, see What’s New in Working Papers 2021: Update 1.

Simple Electronic Signature provides a paperless, secure and more efficient method for signing documents. Once you send the query to clients, they can sign the document or agree to terms with a single tap or button click.

One tap or button click to sign a document or agree to terms.

Once clients accept the document, a signature log is generated and available for download. The log includes the following information:

  • Query question details

  • Signer name and email

  • Signer location (if the clients have chosen to enable location access)

  • Signer IP Address

  • Signature date

  • Document name

  • Document MD5 hash

To learn more, see Create a query document, Respond to a query and Review contact responses.

French language support

PBC Requests now supports french translation of the engagement phases and default folders. When you set the Content language to French in the Engagement Properties popup, the phases and folder names are automatically translated to French.

To learn more, see Author content in multiple languages.