What's new - AnalyticsAI 2019.7

This highlights the major changes since the last release of this product.

Updates to transactions import

The process for importing and mapping .csv transaction files has been improved for this release.

You can now import multiple transaction files. When you do this, the files are processed into a single data file for analysis.

The process for mapping imported transaction files has also been improved, including better descriptions for each data type.

See Import clients transactions for more information.

Improvements to data export

The data in the Analysis Summary PDF now includes:

  • Time Series Graph – Risk-to-Value of Transactions
  • List of Tests Performed
  • List of Accounts Influenced
  • Appendix A: Descriptions of Tests Performed

Status of tests

The Configuration page now shows test statuses as follows:

  • An In progress indicator shows for any test that is running.
  • Not run – grey status icon.
  • Precondition failed – yellow status icon.
  • Pending run – grey status icon.
  • Failed run – red status icon.
  • Successful run – green status icon.