Known issues in CaseWareCloud Time

The following known issues affect the current version of CaseWareCloud Time.

Invoice status may fail to update automatically after upgrading to Time 27.0

Invoices created before upgrading to Time 27.0 may fail to transition from Finalized to Closed automatically even if they have been marked as paid in QuickBooks Online (QBO). This issue only applies to invoices created more than 48 hours before upgrading to Time 27.0.

To work around this issue:

  1. Disable QBO integration.
  2. Mark any affected invoices as Closed.
  3. Re-enable QBO integration.

To learn more, see Integrate Cloud with QuickBooks Online and Close an invoice.

Invoices exported to QuickBooks Online can be assigned inactive taxes

During the export process, invoices can be incorrectly assigned inactive taxes. To work around this issue, manually select a new tax in QuickBooks Online for each affected invoice.